Maid Service Deal Certificate Redemption Terms and Conditions

I've Purchased a Group Deal! Now What?


Thank You for choosing Eco Save Maids. We hope you will love our service, and can't live without us! Great news for you. We have some of the lowest rates for our regular, scheduled clients that we would love to extend to you. Just ask your booking agent, "HOW?"


Your deal is for "x" maid hours.  Maid hours is defined as the amount of time for a 1 person crew.  Please keep in mind; our crews are usually a minimum of 2 people, usually 3; thus we equate the man hours accordingly. For example, 2 maid hours= 2 maids  for 1 hour, or 3 maids for  45 minutes. We build our crews of numerous people for a few reasons: 1) Speeds up the time, so that you are not monopolized for a large span of time. 2) A crew of multiple people do end up accomplishing more on the to -do list than 1 singular person, as they are able to clean multiple rooms/tasks simultaneously.


Since your deal is structured by time, we suggest that you provide us with a list of priorities and main points of cleaning duties so that we are sure to take care of the things that matter to your most. For example: “Concentrate on bathroom floors” – “Please make our beds, sheets have been provided”.   For your convenience, we have provided additional time and or services that you may need.


How to prepare your home:  You may want to help us more effectively clean your home by preparing for us: Pick up any toys, organize remotes and items around home, de-clutter. The less time we spend in re-arranging and de-cluttering, the more time we will have to clean your home. Cleaning is hard work and the cleanliness of your home is continual work. It must be maintained and ongoing in order to sustain a healthy and clean home.


What happens when I am done with my time I purchased?

A:  We can leave and there are no additional charges to you.

B:  We can stay and charge you a pro-rated rate at the same price as your deal. ie: 2 maid hours, basic cleaning: $65,  additional 1 maid hour: $32.50


Additional services and fees:

  • Wet Mop hardwood floors price per level: $15 to $40
  • Pet hair removal fee: $30
  • Travel fee (out of area): $15 to $40
  • Add additional level: $30 to $55
  • Inside Refrigerator, Oven, or Freezer: $25
  • Combination of any 2 (fridge, oven, freezer): $40       All 3 appliances: $55
  • Upgrade to Move-in/Move-out: $60+
  • Upgrade to Deep clean: $40+
  • Interior Windows: $5 per panel. Inside only.
  • No show/cancellation fee: $40



Cancellation policy

You must cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment date or you will be charged a $40 rebook/cancellation fee. No shows will result in forfeiture of the voucher or a $60 staffing charge as our crew arrived to the location ready to work.


Appointments are subject to availability and are required. Please note that we have a 2 hour window time of arrival policy. This allows for unforeseen occurences such as traffic, accidents, we are still busy perfecting another client's abode. We have availability Monday to Saturdays. We do not work on Sundays.


Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, 4th of July.


By clicking on the link provided below, you grant Eco Save Maids permission to enter your home to provide cleaning services.  Our staff may take before and after pictures of your home for training, and quality control purposes only. It will never be displayed pubicly or used as advertising unless we receive your permission.


 Click on this link to schedule your appointment. By clicking, you  have read and agree to our terms & conditions.