Moving out of a home can be a lot of stress. You're moving from one home into another and you are bound to forget something that needs to be done.

The following is a list of items to be completed when moving out of your home.


RENTERS: You are required to return the home back in good condition or your deposit may be forfeited. Every landlord and lease may have different requirements. If there is something addtional on the list not listed, we will customize the list to your needs.


PROPERTY OWNERS: We are well loved with landlords in doing apartment turnovers. This detailed service prepares the home for new tenants. We offer multiple unit discounts.


Below is a check list for items that is included in our standard move-in/move-out packages.


Kitchen Cleaning

 x Clean cabinets, drawers and doors inside and out
 x Clean microwave inside and out
 x Range, hood, filter and fan

Clean oven inside, outside. (Underneath additional $20)

 x Clean refrigerator inside, outside. (Underneath additional $20)
 x Scrub sink, faucet, and countertops
 x Vacuum and mop floor
 x Clean windows and window sill
 x Dust and remove cobwebs
 x Clean and dust lighting and other fixtures
 x Wipe down baseboards

Bathroom Cleaning

 x Clean shower, tub, and faucet
 x Clean sink, countertops, and faucet
 x Clean the toilet inside and outside
 x Wipe down and clean cabinets and drawers inside and out
 x Clean fixtures and towel bar
 x Mop floor
 x Clean mirror and any windows and window sill
 x Wipe down baseboards

Living Areas

 x Vacuum carpets and stairs
 x Clean all windows and window sills
 x Wipe down baseboards
 x Mop entryways and other hard surface floors
 x Dust and remove cobwebs
 x Wipe down walls
  Clean fireplace ($30 each)
 x Clean and dust blinds
 x Wipe down lighting and fixtures
 x Wipe down inside and outside of doors
 x Clean laundry area - top front, sides, inside (underrneath - $30)

Outside Areas

  Clean and sweep front porch, clean outside of door. Call for quote.
  Clean and sweep patio, clean outside of door. Call for quote.
  Clean out any storage areas